A Big Year for Gadgets


Well you must have liked the sound of the selfie-drone that I talked about in the last post. If that’s got you interested, then here’s a few more cool gadgets coming soon that were exhibited last week at the CES.

EHang 184 Drone

Continuing the theme with drones. The Chinese manufactured EHang 184 is autonomous so you’ll input where you want to go and the drone will take you there. It will have the ability to carry a single passenger for approximately 23 minutes. This is based on a speed of 60 Mph. The doors and wings fold-up for easier transport when needed. Don’t expect to see one of these available to buy this year but the technology is definitely exciting. We’re seeing a lot of drones being produced these days so where the technology will go, is anyone’s guess.

Varia Vision from Garmin

This is an augmented reality display that’s aimed at cyclists. I like to ride myself so this one is another gadget that intrigues me. It slots onto your sunglasses and can display all kinds of things from how well your performing to whether there is traffic lurking just ahead and suggest alternative directions. This is definitely safer than having the same kind of gear on your handlebars. You can keep fully focused on the road ahead. It works well WITH Google Glass and a lot of the processing is done on your smartphone. It will be interesting to see how practical this gadget actually is so I’ll be holding out for a few user reviews first before considering buying.

Well there’s another couple of innovations that took my eye. I’ll be back for another article in the not too distant future so keep an eye on my blog. We’ll maybe discuss a few more of the devices coming out of this year’s CES.