Best Lightweight Cameras

Whats up everyone, you are now taking part in a thought experiment, better known as my computers and electronics blog. We all like to take pictures when we see something mind blowing, but most of us do not want to be carrying around that DSLR camera and 2 kilo lens everywhere. I prefer to use lightweight digital cameras, or mirrorless cameras as they are called in the ‘industry’. Being the nice guy I am, I have gone out at my own expense and tried out many different types of mirrorless cameras so that I could come back to you all with this list of the best ones. Of course, being the cheapskate I am I also bought them all used and quickly resold them on so that I could recover some of my loses. After all the buying and selling was done, the winners were decided.


Mirrorless vc. DSLR Camera

Sony Alpha A7

This full frame mirrorless camera is one of the best on the market at this time, so you could do a lot worse then buying a used one for a third of the price on I feel like that is all you really need to know, but here is some more info anyways. While the Alpha A7 is one the bigger side of mirrorless cameras, it is still quite smaller than a DSLR and can pretty much perform the same job. It features a full metal frame that feels extremely solid and a deep hand grip to make sure you don’t drop it taking an insane selfie. You can find a lot more technical jargon on Sony’s page for the camera( and you will also see that I was not lying about the price.


Sony Alpha a7

Fujifilm X T1

Fujifilm has made some great cameras for a long, long time. It should be no surprise that they also happen to make one of the best mirrorless cameras right now. The X T1 sells for half the price of a Sony Alpha A7, yet somehow you would expect it to be the same price or maybe even more. This camera almost made me switch from DSLR to mirrorless full time, with the ability to track and shoot moving subjects at 8 frames per second. These cameras are best bought used, as you can usually get the camera and a couple lenses for the cost of the body new. Mine was purchased off of and even though the old owner used it for years, there are no signs of wear at all. These cameras are as strong and stable at a Nintendo 64!

Fujifilm F X1 

The winners emerge

After all of the countless photos where taken, it was the two cameras above (Sony Alpha A7 and Fujifilm X T1) that took the cake and pictures of it too. Agree or disagree with my selections? Let me know in the comments section below. If you enjoyed this post and want to read anothe like it, then why not click on the button below and read my article about the amount of Steam users dropping Windows 10. Talk again soon!