Looking At Common Points About The Marketing of The iPhone

When you consider the marketing of the iPhone, you’re going to run into a lot of things that work every time. No matter what iteration of the release you consider, you’re going to find some common ground with what experts say works every time. If you want to look at what Apple does to ensure that their phones are always in demand, you have to look closely at what they do right, as they are constantly getting noticed, even if the time frame between releases is somewhat short.

The Initial Marketing of the iPhone

If you look back at how Apple first started to promote their phones, you’ll have to look at how it was introduced. It was introduced with visual design flow that was on par with consumer needs. While other phones were starting to play with interfaces and touch screens, Apple decided to go all in. They focused on showing the phone that was a computer in the palm of your hand, with internet connectivity, and applications that could make life easier. It was like nothing that was on the market, and it was a jump forward in technology that was plagued by thin phones, flip phones, and options that didn’t connect to the internet with graphical elements.

Announcing Upgrades Fast

One of the winning elements of the marketing of the iPhone is the constant announcements from Apple’s development teams. They would announce faster versions, updates, and more with every new year, and sometimes twice within a year. Early adopters willing to trade in their initial purchase would get an upgrade, and more benefits for adopting the latest technologies. These updates have been mired with controversy, but it has made the brand that much stronger. While other phones release 1 cycle per year, iPhones could have 2 or 3 cycle updates, and still garner success.

Speed, Applications, Storage, and The Cloud

As you look into the many facets of how marketing of the iPhone has evolved, you have to look at how the marketing has focused on speed, applications, storage, and of course cloud management. Today, people adopt this phone because it’s absolutely fast, there are millions of apps to download, and of course they can store all of their photographs, videos, and much more with ease. Even when the phone’s initial storage runs out, connectivity to cloud storage management makes it easy to have more space, without opening up the phone.

Apple continues to evolve with their marketing, but one thing is for sure, they know what works well and they keep on doing the same thing, to the applause of their audience.