Facebook: Friend or Foe?

Hi friends! Ant here again! Hope life has been treating you well since my last blog post. So in my last blog entry I started to discuss how we use technology and how this has shaped our existence as humans. Carrying on along the same lines I thought I would discuss the concept of, ‘Facebook: Friend or Foe?’.

In today’s society Social Media plays a big part in shaping our ideologies and perceptions. We are able to create blogs about anything we like, we can style our own profiles to present ourselves in a way that we find more appealing and we can gain information about anyone and anything in the click of a button.  This all sounds pretty spectacular and this open ability has definitely enabled certain people in society to gain a voice that they may never of had before social media came along. Environmental, ideological, economic and social issues can be presented and discussed freely, allowing segregated and marginalised communities and underrepresented organisations and individuals to have their own platform for reform and justice.


An unfortunate negative to the free for all model means that information and ideas can be manipulated and exaggerated to get a message across, a message that may often promote negative and unreasonable associations. Facebook in many ways is just another media tool that politicians and corporations can use to present a specific set of values and ideals and unfortunately the masses that use it fail to see the reality of this. Social Media makes you believe that you are in control and that you are presenting your own individual and independent ideas but you are often merely influenced by the groups and advertising that can access your profile. You then become just another cog in the social machine that generates the corporate system and keeps everything ticking as it should do...