Few innovations

As a fan of any new technologies, I'll share with you a few inventions that will appear very soon. I also like sport so the new Adidas shoes interest me much.


Futurecraft 3D

Adidas has unveiled Futurecraft 3D, high-performance shoes of the future: a running model equipped with a unique sole print in 3D and customizable according to the needs in each foot. The fact 3D concept part of the «Futurecraft series", an ambitious initiative that places the free collaboration and crafts in the heart of the design, stimulating innovation throughout the production chain.

This 3D concept offers athletes experience ultimate customization through a unique combination of material and an innovative production process. Adidas said: "this step forward in terms of manufacturing will propel shoe running at an optimal performance level, providing unparalleled, custom cushioning and support to enable athletes to evolve at their best.

Imagine you enter into an Adidas shop, walk a few steps on a treadmill and immediately get a personalized running shoe, printed in 3D: this is the ambition of Adidas, through its base in 3D. By creating a consistent, flexible and fully breathable of the footprint of the sportsman, marrying its contours and its pressure points, Adidas will allow it to be in the best possible racing provisions. Combined with existing data sources and technologies to scan on the foot, this initiative will provide unique equipment directly customizable in the stores. That's great for people like me who have troubles to find the correct shoes to run.

Pending the release of these new shoes, I buy now on a site of second hand, allowing me to make savings of prices on these super shoes.



Samsung family HUB fridge

The kitchen will not be spared screens: here the connected fridge, with cameras and screen touch giant full HD 21.5 ". Open the door of the refrigerator to see what is there, so 2015! Three cameras integrated into the doors film the inside of the pantry of the Family Hub Refrigerator Samsung. Cameras whose images can be displayed in an app for smartphones, to take a look in the fridge once at the supermarket, or on the screen of the refrigerator. What impress his friends, watch a game, listen to music, view pictures, recipes, select recipes, manage food stocks,...

manage food stocks indicating to the user what products consume on a priority basis, alerting a date that happens to expiration and as a bonus it proposes feasible recipes with ingredients in the fridge.

Samsung integrates finally several services courses by correspondence, so that can fill his basket from the door of the refrigerator and place an order with one click. This brick of services is carried out in partnership with Mastercard, and already works with two e-merchant sites specializing in groceries and fresh produce in the United States. The set is also open to interactions from a smartphone: it is therefore possible to verify remotely that there is no shortage of orange juice for example. There aren't still more inforamtions about the price or the exact release date but I often look on their website and I'll tell you when I'll have more information.


Apple vs FBI

This part of my article is not about new technologies but about a recent news that interested me.

In the case between the FBI, the Apple company won a first victory in court. Actually, a judge found that the Cupertino firm was not obliged to provide support to the authorities to access the iPhone of a person suspected of being drug dealer.

The CEO of Apple Tim Cook recently published an open letter explaining that FBI had asked the company to develop software allowing access to the content of all locked iPhone. Apple positioned itself publicly in fervent defender of privacy and has received the support of several other high-tech companies.

Apple has appeared in a Brooklyn Court and the latter decided in favor of the company. Judge James Orenstein says that Congress specifically rejected a law requiring companies to make the data of users available to the authorities. The Government is therefore not able to get a decision of justice was unable to implement at the Congress.

The judge adds that requests for the Government to bypass the safety devices implemented by Apple and promoted its consumer go against the company and may also be harmful. On his side the Justice Department regrets the decision of the Court and says that Apple has expressed its agreement to help the authorities to access the contents of the iPhone and did market back when the court documents have been made public.

I'm agree with the decision of the Court, if authorities begin to have access of personal information, they will use that for many different things : it's about private life !