Gaming on the Go

Gaming on the Go 

Hey everyone, welcome back to my computers and electronics blog. I recently saw someone selling a used Nvidia Gaming Shield on and they stated the reason for selling was to buy a different mobile gaming device. This seemed strange to me, as the Shield was the most powerful and, honestly, the coolest looking device on the market. Onto the internet I went, to look at what the best mobile gaming system would be for someone depending on what they value in gaming. Whether you are looking for a powerful machine that can be thrown into your carrier bag, or something that can be easily slipped into and out of your pocket while hopping on the train, there is something out there for you. 

Most Powerful

While it may not be for everyone, the most powerful mobile gaming device out there right now is without question the Nvidia Shield.  Having a full 2GB of DDR3L Ram compared to most systems with under 1GB or RAM and VRAM combined, the Shield is capable of showing you the brightest locations in the best games with no issues. While there are under 200 games available for the Shield( you can view all the games at they are high quality games, and with the 72-core GeForce graphics card the opportunities for developers is virtually unlimited. 

Nvidia Shield

Most Versatile

Sony has been a leader in the mobile gaming market for a decade plus now, and they are still pushing the limits with the PS Vita. While it might be the most expensive straight mobile gaming device out there ( I managed to buy a used PS Vita on for a lot less than retail) there are more games available for the PS Vita than any other mobile console barring phones and tablets. The PS Vita is also capable of remote play with both the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4, meaning you get access to even more games if you have to console to play it on. You also get bluetooth, meaning online gaming on the go is even easier.

PS Vita

Most Affordable

For the mobile games out there one a budget, the Nintendo 2DS is the system for you. The 2DS retails at just over $100 USD, and can be bought used for even cheaper. Add in the fact that you can play all Gameboy games and all DS games other than the 3DS games for obvious reasons and you can save a pretty penny and still play AAA games, as well as your favourite games from the earlier eras( I love playing Animal Crossing that I found online at  You can even play some of the Nintendo 64 classics I talked about last week thanks to the online store. 

Nintendo 2DS

Take your Pick

Now that you know the best mobile gaming consoles for the high end, budget and versatile gamer take another step and grab the console that suits you best. Personally I am more of a Shield guy, as it gives me the ability to play off my computer at home while in the living room. What console best suit you? Let me know in the comments section, and if this is your first time on our site why not read another post, like this one on the Android Box.