How to wipe a hard drive clean

How to wipe a hard drive clean

Hey everyone, welcome to my computer and electronics blog. Have any of you ever sold or given away a computer? Even after reformatting the hard drive, it can feel a little bit worrisome handing something over that once held all you intimate details in it. You can delete all your files and folders, but they can be recovered from the recycling bin. You still need to wipe the hard drive clean, and that can be a difficult process. To do this without factory resetting the drive, try these hard drive eraser utilities.

Parted Magic

This program does it all. For only $9, this jack of all trades can partition your hard drive, clone your disk, recover files and of course, erase drives. The instructions are all on the program's website and easy to follow, just make a bootable drive and you are set.

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Blancco Drive Eraser

This program cost a strange amount at $14.20, but it offers a lot for that price. You can use this program on solid state hard drives, meaning that your expensive drive can be reused for something else. This is recommended for business and industry use, but the friendly UI is more than capable of dealing with personal hard drives. You can actually get a one time use free trial of the program to use, and after confirmation of your download the company will send you an email containing instructions on setting up your bootable hard drive/thumb drive.

If you find yourself needing to wipe a hard drive clean any time soon whether it is so you can sell the drive or so that your employer doesn’t find out about your deflating footballs try these programs. Let me know if your have used a hard drive eraser in the past that is not on this list so that I can keep it updated. Hope you all enjoyed this post, and I will speak to you next week.