Razer Nostromo- Razing the bar

  1. Razer Nostromo- Razing the bar

Hey guys, whats going on I am back at you today doing another product review for my Computer and Consumer Electronics blog. I say consumer electronics especially today as I am talking about the Razer Nostromo keyboard, which has no real world uses really so it is strictly for gaming. I love the idea, as I am a PC gamer myself but this thing is just so weird. I recently found a cheap pre owned Razer Nostromo online and since then have been trying it out with different games and it is so weird I haven't found the best game for it yet, but there seems to be some bright spots for anything you want to play using this.


Razer Nostromo

  1. The Design

The Razer Nostromo is only a 16 button keyboard, but it is specially designed to fit right in the palm of your hand. Whether you play First Person Shooters, Role-Playing games or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games this will work wonders for you. All of the keys are ergonomically optimized to give you the quickest and easiest access to those critical gaming commands, allowing you to stay gaming in comfort while increasing your key accuracy and speed. And for the all night gamer in you the keypad is designed with a special touch rubberized wrist pad that cradles your palm and help stop wrist fatigue, meaning you can keep on top of the other team all night long. The Nostromo also features programmability in all 16 of its keys, allowing you to keep your strongest spells or killstreaks on hand at all times.

  1. The Build

The Nostromo not only has its 16 fully programmable keys, but also features and eight direction thumb-pad that can also be programmed to your own unique specifications. It can be used either for mobility in games such as Call of Duty or Destiny, or as a key modifier in games like World of Warcraft and Smite. You can additionally switch between 8 different key mappings using the different keymap toggles. Like all Razer products the Nostromo is backlit at all possible spots, making it perfect for a late night session in a dark room without having to forgo control. The previously mentioned ergonomic wrist pad is also customizable to fit any size and shape wrist for any gamer. There is also a built in feature where you can store up to 20 different gamer profiles in the keyboard, meaning that you and your friend can share the keyboard and just swap between profiles to get your preferred settings back.


Notromo Backlit

  1. Background Information

The Nostromo has quite an interesting history for such a strange piece of hardware. The Nostromo was originally designed by Belkin and released over 10 years ago as the Nostromo SpeedPad N52. Back then the idea of having one hadn’t completely away from the keyboard was unheard of, and the sales of the Speedpad showed this. After Belkin teamed up with Razer for the re-release of this peripheral things were a little different however, and the Speedpad got some Razer paint and pizzah along with some awesome compatibility software and has not looked back since. The design has remained relatively untouched, except for some backlighting and updated parts. The price has obviously went up as you could get a speedpad for a little as $20 within a year of release, but the Nostromo has a few more buttons and better function-ability that makes it a much better device.


Belikn Nostromo SpeedPad N52

  1. My Thoughts

I try to use everything I review for a least a week before stopping, and that's exactly how I started with the Nostromo. It is still sitting on my computer desk however, which is a good sign for this strange looking piece of equipment. After I managed to get the thing out of its box (parental supervision may be required)  we had a sort of staring contest for a while. Looking at this thing the purpose is quite obvious: you put your hand where it looks like a hand should go, and then you have your keys. It is really simple, but the look can be off putting as it's not the type of thing most people have used. When I first used it, I was over thinking what to do and how to apply to the keys correctly which I really didn't need to. Unlike other peripherals I have reviews, everything on this keyboard is perfectly positioned for your hand so there is no fidgeting around to get back to how you are used to. It can however take a little bit of time to optimize the keys after spending so much time in a game with a normal keyboard but after spending about one night I had everything at the right spot and it felt amazing. I wouldn’t use this for every game I play but for certain games especially those involving  fast keystrokes. Overall I would say buy this if you like having options for your games, you can find one fairly cheap online like I said earlier so if you recently spent all your cash on an ultrasharp monitor  then you shouldn't have to wait long.