Steam Users Dropping Windows 10

Hello everyone and welcome to my computers and electronics blog. Today I wanted to cover an interesting trends that I was reading about earlier in the week that I thought might interest you all, especially those who use Steam. Valve, the creators of Steam, recently released the results from their Hardware and Software Survey and found some surprising figures. The use of Windows 7 among Steam users is increasing, while the use of the later operating system Windows 10 is decreasing. While the change is quite small, this is definitely something that has many people wondering what the hell happened, especially technology giant Microsoft.

According to the survey, just over 96 percent of Steam accounts are run through some sort of Windows client. Steam will offers support for older systems up to Windows XP, meaning that number is comprised of a handful of different operating systems. Almost half of all users are running Windows 10 64 bit version, which makes sense given the amount of time it has been on the market and the improvements in gaming technology since its release. With all the new computers loaded with Windows 10 around the world, it is a wonder how use of Windows 10 dropped by a full percentage over last month. That is like 1 percent of people playing games on their phone switching to iOS 7. And it can be just as hard to accomplish. All new systems with a Microsoft OS are running Windows 10 from the get go. You can have a hard enough time just trying to find a disk copy of Windows 7 now, so all these gamers must being going through a lot to get it installed on their machines. Add in the fact that new hardware is not going to be optimized for Windows 7, and these Steam users are taking a hell of a risk in downgrading. But is it a risk worth taking?

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