Technology and Society

Hi folks its Ant here again. So today I thought it would be interesting to talk about the technology we consume on a daily basis and how this has shaped society and who we are!




From the moment we wake up, check our alarm clock, switch on the shower, the coffee maker, the toaster – we are consuming technology. We are constantly checking our phones, using the internet, starring at computer screens, starting engines - to name but a few of our daily pastimes that involve the use of technology.  It is crazy to think of a world without it, something we cannot really comprehend. I guess this is very relative to western, industrialised and consumerist societies,  particularly through the twentieth century. I mean as someone who comes from this background I definitely take technology for granted. From the moment I was born technology was all around me and has continued to develop at a steady rate ever since. As a consequence of this I have never really felt overwhelmed or surprised by technology and the technological advances we as human beings are capable of. I have always been surrounded by it and am accustomed to the way technology continually changes.

It must very strange then for countries who have less experience with certain technologies to all of a sudden be hit with something like social media, for example. What I mean by this is that developing countries have only started gaining access to such sights as Facebook in the last few years whereas western countries will have been accustomed to other lesser social media sights before Facebook ever existed. We were therefore already accustomed to how something like Facebook works and where not particularly surprised by its development.  Lesser developed countries on the other hand, that have been deprived of platforms for social change and expression were all of a sudden hit with Facebook and were now able to voice their concerns and personalities on the world wide web. That must have been very overwhelming.