The first drone with passenger


hello guy's. In my first articel, i spoke about the CES, my favorite exhibition because there are a lot of very good new technologies and this article is devoted to my favorite.

The Chinese company Ehang caused a sensation during CES in Las Vegas, by unveiling the 184 AAV, first drone in the world capable of carrying a man. This company has introduce a real achievement by offering the first drone capable of carrying air and autonomously a normal-sized adult.


As a helicopter

The drone 184 VAA of Ehang is 1 m 84 height, in order to accommodate a passenger. It also has four propellers as you can see on the picture. Like a helicopter, it takes off and Lands vertically. It is also equipped with a camera to landing.

But this unit is fully automatic. His passenger only has to enter his destination on the dashboard of the drone that it should decide the safest to take route. He will be limited to short flights, 23 minutes, and cannot exceed the maximum altitude of 3, 5 km. Unlike remote-controlled drones, no need to notions of pilotage when taking aboard place of AAV 184. Another strong point: it is foldable for easy storage.

A previously tested plane without pilot

The growing popularity of unmanned aircraft sign the end of good old flying? By 2015, CNN was the echo of a flight test with an experimental drone Centaur four-seater. This test was conducted by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

The big difference with the supra drone is that, even if the aircraft were automatic, an external control was necessary. The passenger of the Chinese drone can never take the controls of the machine while on the flight test of the Centaur, human piloting plane was offered as an option.