The World of Computer Monitors

Welcome back to Ant’s I.T blog. I’ve been away for a little while but now I’m back with my next article so hope you enjoy the read. We’ll be turning focus towards computer monitors.

Picking the right computer monitor is always a tricky thing. You really do have to be careful that you pick one that best suits your needs. The monitors today to be fair though have come on a great deal and you can get a pretty decent monitor now at a budget price. I bought a couple of real duds in the past when I first got into computers but thankfully I’ve learnt what to look for now and the market has improved.

What’s the Best out there at the moment?

At the top of the pile there are quite a few contenders and like I said, the market is healthy at the moment so it really is what best suits your needs. Are you into web design? Will you use it for photo editing? Is your thing playing fast paced games and movies?

LG UltraWide 34UC97

If you want something that is perfect for the latter and has a decent size screen, then look no further than the LG UltraWide 34UC97. You get a beast of a resolution at 3440x1440, just a 5ms response time and 178/178 degree viewing angle. The contrast and colours make for vibrant viewing and the built-in speakers are great, pumping out decent bass. The 4k LG has a really nice curved design so looks the part. The biggest drawback may just be the price tag as you’ll be paying over $1,000 for one of these babies. You could easily use this as an all-round TV for watching your favourite movies, TV series, playing your favourite games and catching-up on work. Check out LG’s website for some great pics and demonstrations.

Dell UltraSharp UP21414Q

If you’re content with something a little smaller then maybe the Dell UltraSharp UP21414Q is for you. As the name suggests, this is a 24-inch display so quite a bit smaller than the LG. It probably feels about half the size and is maybe more than half the price so you could argue again that it’s quite expensive for a monitor of its size. Once you turn it on though it’s meant to be an absolute beauty. The 4K monitor has a massive resolution for its size of 3840 x 2160. The response time is slightly slower than the LG at 8ms. Again you have a full viewing angle and the quality of the display is top-notch. The features re probably what makes this monitor stand out from the crowd. In fact, it’s said that it may be a little ahead of its time so a great option if you want something future proof. This monitor will compliment even the most insane of computers.


DreamColor LP2480zx

The first two monitors may be expensive but they are still in the realms of affordability. They’re more aimed at someone after a solid all-round display that they can use to enjoy their favourite media, browse the web, do a bit of work, that kind of thing. This monitor is in a completely different bracket as its target audience are serious professionals who need impeccable colour reproduction and this display delivers. If you thought $1,000 was a lot of money, then try around $3,000 for the DreamColour. You get direct black level control which is also essential at that level and it kicks ass when it comes to screen saturation. It does lack a lot of features according to some expert reviews but its performance is on another planet. NEC do a panel that rivals it as it comes in a lot cheaper with better features but if its all-out performance you need, there just isn’t really anything better.


What would I go for?

There you go then, a few of the very best monitors on the market. You have to agree that the monitors available today are something special but there is always that argument of whether to buy a standard TV or spend comparatively more on a computer monitor. Personally I use my laptop for work and my tablet for general web browsing. My old monitor no longer gets used and if I want to watch a movie, I either stick a USB stick in my 42-inch HD TV or I connect one of my devices through HDMI. I also use screen mirroring with my tablet too if I just want to share what I’m browsing on my tablet with somebody else. I do really like the look of the LG though and am intrigued by the new curved designs. Of course, you could always try and buy second-hand if you want to save a dollar or two. Maybe look at the link I’ve provided and search used for sale computer monitors You should find some new models at discounted prices. Sometimes virtually unused so still in mint condition.